Tuesday, June 12, 2012

What is the Texas Standard Possession Schedule?

Texas has enacted a set of statutory guidelines called the “Standard Possession Schedule” to determine the possession schedule of a child by a parent who is either a possessory conservator or a joint managing conservator.

The Standard Possession Schedule gives each parent designated periods of weekend possession, summer possession, and possession during certain holidays (such as Thanksgiving and spring break).

In general, possession schedules are dictated by the parents’ proximity to each other.  Parents who reside within 100 miles of each usually have a slightly different possession schedule than parents who reside 100 or more miles apart from each other. 

You should always look at the particular order or divorce decree in your specific case to determine whether the court has used the Texas Standard Possession Schedule.  Once set by the court, that Possession Schedule becomes the “default;” however, both parents can agree to change the Possession Schedule in order to best meet their needs and the child’s needs. 

Parents should communicate with each other about their Possession Schedule, especially if something has occurred or will occur which would affect either parent’s ability to exercise any period of possession. 

By:  Cynthia W.Veidt and Erin Zeiss.